Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making Memories

Yesterday was my 1st official beach day with the girls for the summer. It started out really cloudy and cold but ended up being a beautiful day!...(20 minutes before I left!) I bought a junky pac n play for the beach and gave Lucy her toys in there, she did so good playing for most of the day. My friend Corrine and I took Lucy shopping. They have a REALLY NICE kids consignment store in Carpenteria. I got Lucy a sweater and dress. Corrine found a beautiful beach pail. (I am not doing it justice by calling it a beach pail.)

One thing that I started to do with Ivy is to collect beach shells. Last time we were at the beach I took Lucy and Ivy to collect some. This time we left Lucy with Wendy and I took Ivy and her best friend Kate....sorry no pictures. Ivy would find a shell and ask me if it was good enough. If the shell was not broken, I would tell Ivy yes and she would collect it. Then Katie would make an X in the sand so we could find our way back to where our stuff was. It was cute. I love looking at these shells. It makes me think of so many memories that I am making with my girls.

I thanked God as we were walking for His beautiful creation, the ocean , the sand and the shells, I thanked Him for great friends to be with , and most importantly that I could spend the summer with my girls and not have to go to work. I am cherishing everyday.

Lucy did good until around 2pm. The sun had just come out and we were just starting to enjoy it, Ivy was having a blast, but the 3 of us packed up and headed home as Lulu had called it a day. Ahhh summer....

P.S. Home Tour Tuesdays will resume but I didn't plan it with my beach trip and all.

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  1. Love your blog happy for you and your family!! xoxo