Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Tour Tuesdays (Part 1)

One of my favorite things to do is to look at blogs and see people's homes and how they decorate. I am not a snoop...well...maybe a little. But I have found some really creative people and have gained some really inexpensive ideas from how others decorate. So... I want to start a trend. I want to take pictures of my house and hope others do the same. I hope to do a room every week. It truly isn't to brag but to encourage in the homemaking process. Most of us will never visit each other's homes so I thought it would be neat to see. And , it makes you clean rooms in the house so that you can take a picture! Who is with me? If you actually do it, leave your blog address in the comments sections so people can take a look! You have all day to clean and take your picture. Let's do it! (Warning! I am not a photographer so my pictures aren't the best but I tried!)

First room up is the girls' room. This is the 1st room we redid when we bought out townhome. The woman we bought our home from is an interior designer for Home Depot, so she did a great job on the house. This room, however, was a skateboard room with stained carpeting. It had to go! A funny little story is that, when we were looking to adopt a baby, I had told Matt that we needed to get started redoing that room because you never know when you are going to get "the call" about a baby. He agreed. He tore up the carpet , took a break, came downstairs, and I was cleaning. The phone rang...it was "the call"! A month and half later, Ivy was here!

I knew I did not want a pastel pink room and I wanted something that could be used for a girl or a boy......Here it is!

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