Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daniel is kicking my booty

This past year I was looking for a bible study. Not a theology book to read (which I love to read and will share some of those in a different post) but a bible study where I really studied a book of the bible. The Lord in His providence had me start with Esther. I asked my in laws for a Beth Moore study for Christmas and they got me Esther.

It was such a great study for me to do while we had court dates for Lucy, people would come out of the woodwork and want her, etc. That bible study gave me such comfort because I knew, from Esther's own life , that it didn't matter how bleak the situation looks, God's plan trumps anyone else's and what He decides is what will happen. When evil people are against God's people, He will take care of it. I was way more relaxed and trusting about Lucy learning these truths. God gave me that study at just the right time.

I saw some tweets from Candace Cameron Bure that she loved Beth Moore studies but Daniel was her favorite. I "tweeted" her about it and she said it was her favorite because of all the rich prophesy in it. After Esther, I started to tackle it next. WOW.....It is such a great study. There is so much in Daniel! I am learning so much! I love it! It is a lot to keep straight but I am continually thinking about what I have learned. I am in the middle of learning about the Antichrist. It is going to be so powerful that when Daniel finished seeing his vision ,the bible says,
"Here is the end of the matter. As for me, Daniel, my thoughts greatly alarmed me, and my color changed, but I kept the matter in my heart." Daniel 7: 28

Maybe someday I will tweet more about it , but I wanted you to know that I am really enjoying it. It is really challenging me!....Start with Esther, it is easier! Haha!

The other thing that I want to say is something about Beth Moore. I didn't know too much about her. I asked some older women from my church. They didn't know much but I took it as something that Grace Community and PBC had never endorsed any of her studies. I tried to "branch out", think for myself and try one. Apparently I like them or I wouldn't keep doing them. I am not endorsing Beth Moore (because I don't know enough about her other work) but I will say this. She has a passion to personally study God's word and really find out what it says. I have prayed that I would be just like her in that area. I will also say that in regards to the book of Daniel, I have gotten out my MacArthur study bible and they both basically agree about what is going to happen in future events.

I have chosen not to read her other books. There is one other bible study I want to do of hers but I probably won't read her other topical books. Why? Because there are so many other theological books that I want to read..... I might change my mind.

One argument that some people complain about her is that she teaches men. However, every bible study that I have done of hers is directed towards women.

Regardless, I have enjoyed my studies. I might not have agreed with her on every single thing but most of it I have and I would never come right out and say that she has been wrong in what I read. These studies have drawn me to my bible. There are 5 days in a week studies for a number of weeks so it really keeps you accountable to read.

What are you guys reading?


  1. i love beth moore. i went through her believing God study 5 years ago and i still remember things from it. i love her passion.

    i'm gonna put my groceries away and then go (possibly - depending on price) buy her daniel study.

  2. I think it is the cheapest on Amazon! :)

  3. I have done many (many, many) of Beth Moore's studies and have been so entirely blessed by all of them! At first, I too, was hesitant about her, but the more of her studies I have done I am convinced that she is nothing but a purely devoted woman to the Lord and his word.

    I also know that she believes, bibically, women are called to teach women. I've heard her talk about it before. She says that if men want to listen to her or do her studies that is up to them, but as a woman she believes she is called to minister to woman only.

    I don't know if I would waste my time reading her topical books either, but I do know that she is totally solid and grounded if everything I have ever read of hers. A lot of people dislike her...and I really can't see why. But to each his own. God has used her mightily in my life!

  4. I love reading anything by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. He was a preacher and wrote lots of detailed commentaries... but they read more like sermons. My favorite is the Sermon on the Mount. Unfortunately, none of his books are cheap even used. I love your new blog... keep the insights coming. Love You, Tim