Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Tour Tuesdays (Part3)

The Living RoomLiving room (looking towards the front door and the stairs)

As you walk in the front door.
View from sitting on the big couch. Just around the corner is the kitchen.
My mantel might be my favorite part of the room. I love my new "I" and "L" letters that my friend Kim K. made for me.
Hopefully, this is the only dog we will ever own. ("Big Dog" given to Ivy by Aunt Hollie)
Established sign on top painted by Natalie Craig. Given to me by my friend Lynn for Christmas. This cabinet holds all of my pewter serving pieces. I remember a woman telling me once that when she got married, she bought one expensive thing for her home a year, She would save for them and now she has a home of really nice things but they all have a memory attached to it. That's what I did for a while to get my pewter pieces.
(Don't mind the dust! Oops!) The Happily Ever After sign was given to me by a boutique owner in the area when she heard we adopted Ivy....so sweet.

Matt and I live in a town home so space is limited. I finally got all of the toys upstairs when we changed our spare bedroom into a playroom. Lucy has her toys down here but gone is the bassinet and baby swing. I am not a fan of baby things all over as I like a clean home....NOT COMPLAINING just sayin'.

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