Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Matt with his girls.

Ivy age 4 checking on her "garden".
Lucy, almost 10 months.

I am thinking of a lot of men today. My own dad that I got to spend a week with. Yeah! I love you dad. A wonderful father in law...Happy Father's Day Tim. Of course ,Matt. But I continue to think and pray for those men who have longed to be a dad, prayed to be a dad, thinks that they would be a great dad but are not one. I remember those hard Father's Days when we wanted to have children but were unable to. This day can be a hard day for many. I'm so thankful that the Lord blessed Matt with 2 beautiful girls. It truly is a gift from the Lord. One that Matt has been such a great steward of these 2 precious gifts.

Lift up a little prayer today for the men who want to be....and to you men, God is faithful and true. Praying that your time will come.


  1. Incredible, Kelli! A great reminder!! Thank you!!

  2. Great pictures of the girls. They are beautiful. Love Kyle

  3. Dear Kelli... you are so right about God's gracious gifts. We are so thankful for our "other" daughter and God's graciousness in providing children for your family. Love, Tim & Diane

  4. Oh, Kelli -- you have a beautiful family! I look forward to reading more and watching them grow.