Friday, July 23, 2010

NBC Universal Estate Sale

I looked on my estate sale website (located at the bottom right on my blog page) and saw that there was going to be an estate sale put on by NBC Universal studios. They were selling alot of set designs from TV shows like Heroes. I took the girls and it was AMAZING! It was 3 warehouses FULL.
If you want to go, I think that alot is 25% off tomorrow and Sunday everything is 50% off. 7:30 am -5 pm Location: 20000 Prairie Street, Chatsworth,CA. 91311I got 8 cafeteria trays for $2 ,8 hotdog baskets and ketchup bottle for $1, napkins for $1
straw dispenser for $3,extra straws and napkins for $1, a napkin dispenser for $1
cute frame $1
Entertainment Center for $10!!!!!!!!!! ( I might paint it or just clean it up)
Book shelf for $2 because of this scratch.
They had tons of bedroom furniture and couches. On the back of the bedroom stuff it would say whose rom it was but it didn't list the TV show. It had refrigerators from actor's trailers and TONS of stuff from fake restaurants. There I was in heaven! I bought the cafeteria trays so that Ivy and her friends can carry food outside to the pool on trays. They even had tons of sushi dishes and fake looking sushi. They even had coffins and someone bought one!

I was not anticipating all of this so they had to tie by back hatch with robe. Ivy was afraid she was going to fall out even though she was in a different row. I had not taken out 2 of my strollers so she had no where to put her feet. There was a fire by the freeway so the traffic was terrible so it took me over 2 hours to get home and I hadn't brought a bottle for Lucy , times. I kept thinking of my blog friend Kirra who carried a chair home on the subway because she wanted her chair so bad. That is how I felt about my entertainment center. All this stuff for under $30...not bad!


  1. how cool! i need to check out estate sales more!

  2. AMAZING! I so wish we lived close so we could shop together...

  3. good finds Kel!! Ahhh..the perks of LA living!

  4. kelli look at your cute blog! i love your estate sale finds! xo, jamie