Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Weekend's Garage Sale Finds

Usually, I do not go to garage sales on Fridays but I saw a few. I found my best finds of the weekend. I got all 3 of these shelves( that match my living room) for $5. The lady told me I was getting a steal. When I got home I saw the price tag on the back of each one and I saw that they had been $60 apiece!

I got a cute glass jar to put our summer sea shells in and a cute stool I put in the girls room. I might paint it or leave it. Then I got a couple picture frames and tissue paper.
I had some good success on saturday. I took Ivy, Hollie, and our friend Tiffany. I got the following....
Big basket for Lucy's toys.....
Another boogie board for $5 so Ivy's friend could play with one at the pool.
Games for Matt and Ivy
Friday + Saturday+ Ivy = success.

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  1. Really jealous of the cute stuff you find. I use to LOVE to garage sale shop....or flea market shop. It has been solong though! I should get some tips on good places to go...