Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ivy's Soccer Camp

I have been waiting for the day that Ivy could play sports. I never played them and being a woman who um...struggles with her weight....I have always desired her to love being active. So, as we are entering soccer season, she got to go to soccer camp. She is technically a little young for the camp but my good friend ,Jolene, let her squeeze in with her friends to see how she did. She did great and had a blast! Once I got her to quit dancing around, (literally) picking her nose on the field, stop holding hands with Lexie, and gain a little focus, she did so great. I had a little lump in my throat that my little baby is growing up!
Learning how to kick it in.
Yep, they were in the game when they stopped to hug it out.
The best of friends. Lexie, Ivy, and Katie

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  1. super sweet, and i can't wait to see them grow up over the years. i love your pictures from the week. thanks, kelli kel!