Friday, July 16, 2010

Estate Sales

I took the girls to 2 estate sales around LA this morning. We went to La Crecsenta and Burbank.Ivy wanted me to show you the DISNEY ruler that she got.
A cute recipe box (I might use it for craft stuff) with some nice thank you cards.
A cute rooster picture for my dining room.
A candy jar with ruby red lid.
4 pink drinking glasses. I need to start a pink collection since I am a mom of 2 girls.
A hand mixer and 2 mini mason jar salt and pepper shakers.
MY RED CHAIR!!! I left it and was sad because I thought it was too much money. While driving to Burbank I called my mom and told her about it. She said, " You need to tell me about that kind of stuff because sometimes I would buy it for you, like today, I would have bought you that chair. " I said,"Oh Mom, I didn't know we played like that. " She said, Girl we play like that." Oh yeah...I drove all the way back and picked up that red chair! THANKS MOM!!

estate sales+ my girls + my treasures + MY ROCKIN' RED CHAIR = success!