Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Family Day

With Matt off work, we had such a fun family day yesterday. We started out after Lulu's morning nap. We went to the 8oz.Burger Bar on Melrose Ave. for lunch. I had bought a Groupon coupon online. It was spend $8 and get a $20 gift card for the place. It was so yummy! Sadly, I was so excited about my food that I forgot to take a picture. Ivy and I shared their 8oz. burger combo. So yummy.

Happy customers!
Lucy decided to read while I was on the computer to be near me. (sorry, couldn't resist sneaking this in here)
After the Burger Bar, we went to The Grove. I had a gift card at Pottery Barn so I bought Lucy the Lucy doll for her birthday next month. Isn't it cute? It is hispanic and really named Lucy. Meant to be if you ask me! Shhhh! Don't tell her!
Ok...I am out of order here. we had some time before the Burger Bar opened so I jumped out of the car on Melrose Ave. and went into the Paul Frank store. I don't know why I love this brand so much for my girls. They were having a 50% sale so I got Ivy a t shirt and then they were selling these cool bags for $3 so I got one to put beach things in. So fun!

We ended the day with a Coffee Bean and a quiet drive home as the girls fell asleep. Fun times.

(Home Tour Tuesdays will resume next week)

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