Saturday, November 17, 2012

My recent introduction to SEWING

One thing that I have always  wanted to do was sew.  It was in the same category as playing the guitar. It's things like that, I sometimes think that my time has passed to learn and I'm just going to be the girl that can't sew.  Well that's until my little one needed her "nigh-nie" fixed.  It's her little blankie that she chews on the corner to go to sleep.  How can you explain to Lucy that her mom's creativity only goes so far?  So, in the name of my love for Lulu, I got out the machine, LITERALLY wiped the dust off and looked up on the internet how to thread and wind a bobbin.  I broke countless needles, had a foot come undone, etc.  Those little problems actually made me figure out my machine a little better.  I told Ivy that I should name her so I could talk to it kindly and she suggested the name "Emie".  So I called her Emie and would rubbed her little back when I thought a problem was arising.

 Here I was at the beginning.  Not dramatic at all!  I was almost in tears but I pressed on!
                                                                    I had a plan!
 I did run into a problem when the "foot" came off and I just couldn't put it on!  Then my new, fab friend Whitney came to the rescue!  She had me over, put the foot back on (I was putting it on backwards!) and encouraged me to finish it.  It just so happens that Whitney has a sewing blog post up on her blog Elm Street Life today!  Check out her fabulous etsy shops called Brighter Day and Brighter Day Baby. (you can get to her shops through her blog)
Here is Nighnie all sewn.  That gave me the courage to try more.  Stay tuned for more adventures in sewing!

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