Thursday, November 15, 2012


 Wow!  I downloaded a lot of pictures off of my phone and realized I have many things to blog about.  I need to at least blog about Halloween before Thanksgiving gets here!  I had a Minnie Mouse and Dorothy for Halloween.  I thought Ivy would be a perfect Dorothy with her braids and Lucy sure is Minnie.  I was so thankful that their Mammo got them costumes this year so they were so excited to finally get to wear them as they had been waiting for months.  We had to wear undergarments as it is much colder trick or treating in Tennessee than it is in California.  I was really homesick for California that day.  I was craving the tradition of going to the Kostjuk's for our annual potluck and I was missing Ashley and Wendy bad!  Ivy even said that she wished she got to see Katie and Lexi that day.  However,  the Lord has been so faithful to let me move close to one of my best friends.  I have LOVED living close to Kelli I.  I never thought we would live by each other again and I have loved it. She is such a great friend. to Kelli and Jon's house and trick or treating Tennessee style!
 The Peterson cousins joined us!
 Jon gets in the mood and Matt got to join us a while before going back to work.
 Our trailer transportation for the night. (Which was good because the houses are spread further apart than in California and little Lucy couldn't keep up.  Ivy was so sweet to take her bucket to get candy after she was done for and Lucy wanted to carry on a conversation with people at every house.  It was hilarious.  God sure has a sense of humor to give me a daughter that is so shy and then one that could star in her own sitcom on tv.)
 Lucy and her self proclaimed best friend, Karli.
 The ONE picture Kelli has let me take of her since I moved here this summer.  I think she let me do it before she knew what was happening!  She's beautiful!
 Brandy and Neil. becoming a good friend.  She was so gracious to take some Christmas pictures of my family before trick or treating.  So if you get one and my girls have coats on, it's because there were Halloween costumes on under their coats! love....enough said!

1st Tennessee Halloween memory down!  Many more Lord willing to come!

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