Monday, November 26, 2012

Buster's Place

 Since Matt and I have moved to Tennessee, we are all about exploring, so imagine my excitement when I got my Tennessee Magazine in the mail and "The Best of Tennessee 2012"was in it.  It lists viewers choices in different categories for West, Middle, and Eastern Tennessee.  We had been wanting to drive a half hour and visit a town called Murfreesboro.  We went into a couple of antique shops (we heard the antiques were cheaper there than Franklin) and then we tried a place that won Best Burger for Middle Tennessee.  It. Was. Amazing.
 As you can tell, it was not fancy and it was very crowded.  If you have ever been to Steam Boat in Waterloo, Iowa, that is what it reminded me of. (or what I remember of Steam Boat).  The burgers were amazing! (Did I already say that?)
 I thought the Cokes were cheap until they just brought us out a cold can.
If your in the area,  you must try Buster's Place!
1615 N.W. Broad St.

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