Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Decor

 Christmas decorating was a little different this year.  I had 4 bins and I took two and a half back to storage.  Things fill up in a little 2 bedroom apartment.  I missed decorating so much last year.  We moved to Matt's parents the week before Christmas so I never got to get anything out.  I put lights up.  I didn't want to have them be in a perfect row so that it kind of look like a tree branch.  I have LOVED having them on at night.  It's so pretty when you walk into the room.
                                 The girls have a mini tree ( for those know the ones.)
                                                                The living room.
                                                I love my collection of wooden candy canes.
 I didn't have anywhere to put my stockings and Christmas books ( we have to have "The Holly and the Ivy") so I hung them on my hutch.
                              I tried not to have everything be too crowded but I think it looks cozy. :)

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