Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Times are a Changin' and so are we....

I can't believe that it has taken me so long to write a blog post. It is not for lack of things going on in our lives but too much. Now I have so much to share so I will post a lot more. Our computer broke down too so I had to wait to get it back and we lost ALL of our pictures on our computer so I had to try and upload new ones.

The biggest news is that after Matt being out of a job for almost 9 months, we moved to Washington state to live with his parents. It was a tough and extremely sad decision but one we had to make. We moved out of our house (because it sold) the week of Thanksgiving and moved in with my sister for a month until Ivy and I got done with school. Then, the day after Ivy and I were done with school, we left at 7am to make the 15 hour drive to Woodland, Washington. I drove Matt's car, our friend, Greg Wells, drove my car with a trailer hooked to the back, and Matt drove the big U Haul. The girls and I stopped to meet Ivy's birth grandma for lunch to celebrate Ivy's birthday and the girls' Christmas. It was so great to see "Mammo" and it was the perfect break in the day. We stopped and spent the night in a motel and made the rest of the trip the next day. Matt and Greg were in heaven talking on walkie talkies the whole way up there.

I have a lump in my throat even reliving the last couple of months.... so many memories that I push in the back of my mind to stay focused on the days ahead, to be a support to Matt and my girls, TRY to not shock my in laws living with 4 extra people, yet something will happen, a note or a message on facebook, or even seeing a picture of the yellow walls in my old bedroom. I always loved the color of those walls. Then a couple of tears start to roll. I have tried to entertain Lucy, laugh with Matt about stuff or be Ivy's biggest cheerleader of all the fun new things she can do here.

I remember sitting in my friend, Matt's office at school, starting to cry before we moved. He asked me what I thought the Lord was trying to teach me through all of this. I said that I thought that it was to just trust Him. Trust Him when I'm feeling sadness so bad that I can't form words. Trust Him when I have no idea what He is doing or where He is taking us. Trust Him when things are REALLY uncomfortable for me. Trust Him when He "took away" every close friend that I have (besides Matt of course). I have no place to run but to Him.

I have said it before and I will say it again. This is why good, true theology is so important. Is what I believe about God true or not? Is He good? Is He faithful? Is He Sovereign? I say YES! Then He still is when He hasn't answered my prayers the way I want Him to. I trust Him.

I'll write about this journey because apparently this is my therapy. haha No, more importantly, I want to be able to look back and see where He took us and how I felt along the way. Here are a couple random pictures from the last couple of months. Enjoy!

My Christmas Eve baby turning 6 years old. Ivy with her matching American Girl doll, Emily.
Our family picture at Ivy's Christmas concert at Legacy. (With Hollie's boyfriend, Hugh. Ivy LOVED it that he came to watch her.)
My Thanksgiving turkey

Hollie taking me to the Sara Barielles concert....miss my sister.


  1. Cried through the whole post. Miss you guys so much!

  2. Oh Kelli, I can't believe the path God has taken you, or imagine how hard it must be. I am proud of the great example you are to others and how you are trusting God and allowing Him to be your comfort in all of this. I will pray for you guys.

  3. Washington can be a little scary in the winter :/ I hope you get to enjoy it's beautiful summer! What a great testimony of your relationship with your family and Christ. So evident. I can only imagine how hard this move has been on you...ugh. Praying and hoping for an awesome 2012 for you!