Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happiness Highlights

I had a TOUGH day yesterday....the whole day...never got better. However, something had caught my eye on Twitter ( I love Twitter), to take a moment and make some Happiness Highlights of your day. It really made me think about things that make me happy, or I prefer joyful (but that doesn't rhyme with Highlights) So...here it goes, (in no particular order)some of my happiness highlights.....

1. God's Word. I don't know how people go throughout life with out it. It has given me such comfort over the last couple of months. I am so thankful to the Lord that He has given us His word for encouragement and instruction.

2. My I Phone. This is what makes me happy right? I have had to think about giving it up, which has made me more thankful for it now. I love my phone.

3.Fall decorations. I love the browns and oranges.

4. Good friends and family that encourage me. The Lord has blessed me so abundantly in this area. I have a great sister and girls who are like my sisters. Not everyone has had this in their life and my cup overflows!

Getting pedicures with some of my favorite people for my birthday.
5. Lucy Griselda Ann Elliott. No one has been making me laugh harder. Like when she puts a sticker over her eye and comes around the corner and says, "Argh, Momma. I a pirate!" Or when I have rocked her in a chair singing to her in her room, and just when I think she's alseep. She says, with her eyes closed, "Sing it again." So...I do.
6. Matt , the love of my life. I am so encouraged by the Spiritual leader he is in our family. How the Lord is growing him in His walk with the Lord. His love and concern for others and how he loves his girls! I love you Matt! (P.S. I'm your Soldier!)
7. My Kindergarten "Star of the Week" Ivy Emma Elisabeth Elliott! This week is her "Gotcha Day" and she's star of the week. It is a good week to be Ivy Elliott. I have loved teasing her about all the surprises coming her way on Gotcha Day. She has made me so happy when I wasn't feeling good and she dusted the whole house on her own. I love her heart.

8. My house. Even though I only have it until Thanksgiving. I was looking around today, so thankful for the time I had here. I brought my babies home here. Great memories.

9. Twitter. Since I mentioned it before. I love the people that I follow and finding out what is going on with some pastors I like to listen to, and some celebs. :) And Pinterest....for those of you on it, you know. :)

10. The glowing green smoothie I have been drinking. Of course I would rather be eating a donut, but I feel good and it is helping in the weightloss.

11. My friend, Andrea, who is ALWAYS willing to watch Lucy when Matt has to go somewhere. She has been a huge help and I am so thankful how she actually gets excited when Lulu is coming...Ok. And Emily. :)

12. The body of Christ. Anonymos help and friendly notes for Matt and I when we haven't even asked for it. It brings tears to my eyes.

13. The $100 Visa gift card that I won in a contest at work, along with a giftcard from Target that we got as a present, that is my kid's Christmas presents all taken care of! That ROCKED! And when Kayce said," I couldn't be more happy if I had won that myself!" Happy....

14. Singing and worship songs. Feeds my soul. So thankful for the 3 years at Placerita Baptist where Aaron allowed me to be used and be creative. I have loved every minute of it.

Wow, once you get going, you can't stop! What makes you happy?

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