Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Garage Sales

Ivy REALLY wanted to go to garage sales today. She had her and Lucy dressed, to go cups for the car with drinks, a banana for a snack , shoes on and beds made before I officially was ready. We went to a couple neighborhoods that the whole neighbor hood was having sales.

I saw a couple girls from church. One was my friend Merideth. She was there with her little girl. I spotted this Petunia Pickle Bottle diaper bag and told her she MUST have it. It retails for at least $200 and she got it for $5!
Hollie got a sewing machine and this picture with a cute frame. I think she is going to use the frame for something else.
I got a pair of BORN black sandles, some burlap, and these treasures.... a floral table runner, pink dishes to go with a collection I am starting for my girls, Lucy's initials, a small mason jar (that I put loose leaf tea in)....
a cast iron skillet and these rod iron plates(I saw on a blog to hang something like this on a wall and hang back packs on it or purses).
I spent less than $20 for the whole day, spent time with my girls, sister and friends. A great day!

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