Friday, January 6, 2012

Just When Things Were Looking Up

Well....Just when I thought things couldn't get worse. Haha. Just kidding. I know they could get worse, even worse than they are right now. Matt has been a little stir crazy so he had the idea to clear out the back yard and take out some old,dead blackberry bushes. He cleared out alot this week with our brother in law and was going to burn what they had piled up. Since it rains every pickin' day around here ( No, I'm not bitter....wink), he was getting the hose and he slipped on a slippery ramp. He fell and broke his wrist in two places. He called for me and after discussion, Matt's dad took him to the emergency room. Long story short, he has to get a plate in it with surgery on Monday morning. That would be concern enough but did I mention that we don't have health insurance because Matt is out of work? We found out that everything is going to cost around $13,000. I don't even know how to put my mind around that except to hand it over to Jesus.

Wow, the Lord continues to get me right in that sweet spot of where I worry the most. At the same time, He has reminded me of how He has taken care of us along the way. My deepest fears have been realized in relation to Matt and work. The what if's I used to ask have now become reality and I'm still here, surviving. Loving my kids, my husband, having food to eat, a place to sleep, I am for the first time in my life living the dream I have always wanted...being a stay at home mom .....just not as I thought, living with my in laws (which I am so grateful to them for) and Matt being out of work. I can thank Him for those things.

I wish so bad that I could see how this part of our journey ends. I can't wait to "look back" and see what the Lord did instead of wonder about the future. Please be in prayer for Matt and his pain, his surgery, the financial aspect of this accident and a job for him. Thank you!

Here is a picture of my tough guy when he came home from the emergency room.
I thought I would add some pictures that I have taken of Washington lately. Really pretty country. Here is the front view coming out of Matt's parents driveway.
The "cow view" looking out my bedroom window.
Part of the drive going up to Matt's parents house. This is only about half way up the hill!
This is my "Twilight" picture. This is what the fog does every morning.

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  1. Praying for you Kelli. I know the feelings of having your husband lose a job and living in the "unknown" . The Lord is teaching me much too in the area of trusting the Lord, loving my husband and children, and being grateful for everything. Psalm 139 reminds me that the Lord loves me more than I will ever comprehend and that he is always good.

    1-2"You have hedged me behind and before,
    And laid Your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
    It is high, I can not attain it.
    Where can I go from your spirit?
    Or where can I flee from your presence?.....

    11.Even there your hand shall lead me,
    And your right hand shall hold me."

    Thanks for sharing your heart. Praying the Lord heals Matt and provides work, the med. bills would get worked out and that you would continue to find joy, rest, peace in the Lord. Thankful we serve the such an amazing God, who knows us more than we know ourselves. May we both worship Him and fix our eyes on Him in these trying times.