Friday, July 1, 2011

Iowa pictures

I have been wanting my brother to take pictures of my kids for a long time now. He is one of a long line of friends who have gotten really good at photography (so much so that I cringe as they look at my pictures on my blog and facebook.) When I went home to Iowa with my girls (Hollie came a few days later) he took some pictures at a beautiful place in Illinois called Heritage Park. Here are some favorites.Props to my brother Kyle (here with his family, Becca (my SIL) Mayah, Mason, Madison, and McCalin)
Aunt Hollie with all of her kids (all the cousins)
Behind the kids is the Mississippi River seperating Iowa and Illinois.
A sweet kiss from my girl.
Ivy 5 1/2
Lulu almost 2!

Thank you Kyle! I already ordered some for my home.

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  1. What terrific pictures, Kelli! Your brother has quite the eye. Peggie