Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marston's Salad....food crawl continued...

A couple weeks ago Matt and I took the girls and used a gift card we had to a new place in town called Marston's. They have a very successful restaraunt in Pasadena so this is another location. The food was AMAZE-BALLS! I had the most amazing salad. I had heard that the their San Pasqual salad dressing was so good and that they sold it. You can get it here . I quickly got out my phone and wrote down the ingredients so that I could make the salad at home. I added some rotisserie chicken and I think the only other thing that would make it perfect is some crumbled goat cheese.

Here are the ingredients:

spinach leaves
green onions
candied walnuts

Matt said that it was the best salad he ever ate. Score!


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