Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Months with Sissy

Sorry that it has taken me so long to write. My parents were here for a short weekend visit and I have been dealing with an attack of ants in my kitchen! Ugh! Ok....where were we?

The social worker called me and told me that Sissy's grandma and grandpa had shown up for a visit with her. They thought they were going to DCFS for a meeting and when they showed up, the baby was taken from them. The social worker said that the grandma was histerical to be away from her granddaughter and not know who we were or where she was so she gave the grandma our home phone number (standard practice but we said cell phone so they couldn't track our house...DCFS screwed up again). The grandma called and was crying. I was torn. They wouldn't tell us why Sissy had been taken so I didn't know who this lady was but at the same time I felt for her. Here her only granddaughter was with foster parents (and we have all heard the horror stories). I reassured her that she was eating and sleeping well. She called for the next couple of days crying and pretty soon she would only call once a week. You could tell it was killing her.

The court determined that we would start to have weekly visits with them. Once they met us, they knew that we were a great family. I gently talked to her a couple of times about the relationship we COULD have if Matt and I kept the baby, hoping that the Lord would use those words to help them see that Sissy staying with us was in her best interest. They agreeed for a while telling the court that they didn't want to adopt her and that we could. Everything was going great until they changed their minds. I ultimatley think that they just didn't trust us. Everyone, including their own daughter had lied to them so why would they believe us? They didn't believe that we would let them see her. I was already having to take Sissy to visits with them every week but I was about to enter into something harder....the visits with Sissy's birthmom.


  1. I like how you always leave it in a cliff hanger! :)

  2. seriously... i know every detail but I'm still so loving and you leave us at this? your so mean, hahah!

  3. Thanks for sharing Ivy's story! It's such a reminder that God works ALL things together for His good! Your girls are too sweet! cj

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