Monday, September 20, 2010

Ivy's Pumpkin

Last night Matt called me at church and told me that I needed to call home. When I called he said that Ivy had fallen outside and got really banged up and that she needed to talk to me. When she got on the phone she said, "MOM! I fell and dad did NOT take good care of me. He didn't do what you would do and you need to come home right now and help me!!!" Actually, he probably did MORE than what I would have done but my baby needed me so when I was done singing, I stopped by Trader Joe's and got my baby a pumpkin because she has been begging me for one and I rushed home to give her some TLC that only a Mama can give.

Today she begged me to take pictures of her with her pumpkin. Lucy got a mini one but she could care less if she has a picture or not. Here is some photos from our mini photo shoot.


  1. Compassion isn't my gift either.

  2. Ivy.
    Wish grandma was there to give you kisses and hugs when you fell down but you are right mommies are the very best of all.
    Love Grandma G.
    p.s. I like your pumpkin

  3. I am sure that Daddy took great care of her...but nothing beats TLC from Mom! Have I told you lately how beautiful Ivy is? The pictures are so sweet.