Friday, August 6, 2010

My latest project

I found this desk at a garage sale for $5. It was exactly what I have been looking for!Here is the finished project. I put it in my room next to the bookcase I had redone. Do you recognize the red chair my mom gave me? I don't have a lot on there yet but I am waiting to find a great lamp and the right accesories that I want.
The top knob I got from Anthropologie. The other ones are from Home Depot.
I got this cork board placemat from Pottery Barn for a surface to write on that would not get my desk as dirty. I wanted floral but they didn't have the right colors. I can always trade it out but this one make it look cheery.
My only question is, Should I distress the desk and bookcase or leave it alone? Thoughts?


  1. I almost always distress everything at least a little. This way, the furniture is more forgiving and the normal wear and tear are not as noticeable! :)