Friday, August 6, 2010

A day with my girls

I took the girls for a little girl's day as I am starting to go back to work next week. Here are some pictures of the day. Ivy LOVES the Grove! Thata girl! She had to bring her American Girl,Emily, who by the way had to be buckled into her own car seat every where we went. Oh boy. We ate at the Farmer's Market, which was soooo good.

Lucy could care less. She only cared about her pretzel.
Ivy is watching the fountain show. Then we headed to Malibu!

Shopped at the Country Mart
Ivy got a cookie at Crumbs bakery
and shared with her sister...
Heavy traffic on the way home, where I kept threatening to pop that dumb balloon if Ivy got it near me while I was driving ONE MORE TIME! P.S. Do you see doll Emily buckled in her car seat?
Trying on her new hat that she got at Nordstrom to look like aunt Hollie.
Then, if you haven't heard the news. As I was driving into Malibu, I got the call that our court date to finalize the adoption for Lucy is set for August 18! So we cheated on our diets (me and Matt, not the girls) and went to Menchie's for some yougurt.
My girls+ L.A.+good food+Daddy+ ANSWERED PRAYER= a great day!


  1. What a fun day! I can't believe summer is practically over! So happy to hear Lucy's news!

  2. Praise God!! I love it! You are a sweet mommy and it looks like your girls enjoyed every second of their day with you!

  3. what a fun day Kelli! you inspire me to do a fun girls day soon!
    loved running into you at tranquility!