Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lucy's Adoption Story (Introduction)

Today is a special day. One year ago today we got a call to come pick up a 5 day old baby girl. I will write more on that later but I am going to start from the very beginning.

Let me clarify some things. I wrote a story of Ivy's adoption. I put it on my former blog. I did it because I actually made it into a hard bound book for Ivy to have. I honestly love these adoption stories because it paints a clear picture of the things that Matt and I went through and what God did in our lives during that time and trial. I want my girls to see how much God loved them even at the very beginning of their lives and how good He really is.

The problem? Sometimes I am too much of an open book and parts of Ivy's story did hurt some people's feelings. So with that, if there are parts that seem vauge I am sorry but you will have to live with that. I am an open book but that doesn't mean everyone is and I need to respect that out of love.

So....here we go! When we adopted Ivy, I swore I would only ever do a private adoption. (No foster care! Too risky!) I loved Ivy's birthmom and was so happy with our 1st adoption. But...the Lord had other plans and it all started with a little boy named Everett..... To be continued!

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  1. Oh, the memories are sweet and it has been so neat to see God's goodness and His hand it in it all. Your heart and home were open to sweet little ones, some that Lord allowed you to have for a short time. Even though some of those days were hard, those are also memorable days, with the Lord teaching you about opening your heart to love, waiting on His perfect timing, and lessons for Ivy as a big sister as not knowing what tomorrow holds. Practically teaching Ivy that all we can do is wait and trust in Him. We love you and remember this day last year like it was yesterday. Sweet Lucy Lu and Ivy are blessed to be in your care and I'm so thankful the Lord has blessed you with two beautiful daughters that you can call your own. We love you!