Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Living a Conscious Life

From all of the emails I got and phone calls I recieved, I know I struck a chord with people when I talked about the book "Reshaping it All". I finished it this week. Boo Hoo. There are a couple of things that I want to write about. I am encouraged by what people have shared with me (even if they are too shy to leave a blog comment. Haha)

Matt and I were talking yesterday and he told me that he really sees a difference in me losing weight this time. I hope so. I think that I am not as focused on losing weight as I am thinking about it as a spiritual issue in my life. Matt and I have had so many major trials in our lives over the last couple of, losing Sissy, foster care, adopting Lucy... I kind of feel like the Lord has given us a little break in the hard knox department and I have decided to use this time to really work on me....from the inside out. I want to be used! I have been ministered to for so many years now and I am ready to minister!

I love what the Lord has been showing me as to what has been lacking in my life. One chapter in the book was talking about living a conscious life. When it gave a little survey on if you were living one or not, I COMPLETELY FAILED IT! Huge wake up call....huge!

Here are some of my shorthand notes. (Hope they make sense!)

Monitored Living= Conscious Living
1. be mindful of our actions (realize the excess we eat)
2. be alert ( better equipped to handle temptation)
3. be prepared (stick to wise eating and exercise)

Conscious Living involves:
1. choice (do it or not)
2. determination (work unto the Lord and not man, live healthy because my body is a temple.)
3. accountability (NOTHING is hidden from God)

1. food journaling (record 1. what your eating 2. how much you are exercising 3. How much water you drink)
2. record bible reading

Conscious living transforms you (me) into a different person spiritualluy, mentally and physically.

Candace writes, " There comes a time when the plan we choose becomes ingrained in us. That's when the conscious living that we chose becomes habit, conviction and routine. It's a comforting phase to walk in because we're living a lifestyle instead of an outline of rules. We instinctively follow because our hearts have been trained. "

I can't wait for that day...when the decisions I am making now become such a part of my life that I don't even have to think about it. I am willing to put in the work. You can to if this is your struggle! Don't give up!

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  1. Thank you, Kelli. This is a big encouragement, as I am seeking to live purposefully as well. It's slow going! I need a complete overhaul. But I'm trying to focus each day on seeking God in everything I do, and doing what I do for His glory, not mine. I find that even the good things I do can be motivated in self-glory. That's been my struggle with weight thus far. Being healthy is good, but I wanted to be healthy for me, not for God. He will not share His glory with me.