Monday, January 3, 2011

I Heart IKEA

I was on a mission when Ivy and I went to Ikea to look at their sales. Ivy is loving to do crafts lately. She got a lot of craft stuff for Christmas and her birthday but the mess is driving me nuts! I wish I had taken a "before"picture of her desk area so that you could have seen how messy it was but I was too excited to clean it all up. I ended up getting this 6 drawer metal cabinet and it fits all of her craft supplies perfect! I love it! It is even on rollers so that she can wheel it over to her desk.

I wanted something cuter for my pens on my desk.
Do you notice by $7 lamp from Pottery Barn Kids that I got at a garage sale?
I have been wanting to get Lucy a crib pillow. I bought that and then needed a pillow case. This pillow case and comforter duvet was on sale for $9.99 and it matched her room.
Such a big girl cozy in her bed.
I got more wrapping paper that I could use year round. (red with white polka dots). I usually don't find so much at Ikea so Momma was happy all the way home! Except when I had to carry the filing cabinet to the parking structure and kinked up my neck. The price I pay......

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  1. I love IKEA...but we don't have one here. Bummer! You found some great things and, other than the kink in your neck, it sounds like a great day of Retail Therapy!