Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 5th birthday Ivy

Ivy had a great 5th birthday on Chrsitmas Eve. She was pumped for it! We got up and opened presents and had P Dub's cinnamon rolls. We went to Panda Express for lunch (her favorite), went to the mall to ride the new train (which I always say no to), came home and she helped me make her birthday dessert (Chocolate Lush), Hollie came over and spent the night on Ivy's trundle bed (something she has always wanted Hollie to do....she reached over to grab Hollie's hand to hold it in the middle of the night). It was a great day remembering God's goodness to us and doing all of Ivy's favorite things.Representing IOWA!
Bracelet maker
Making Chocolate Lush
She wanted every picture to have a 5 in it.
Loving my birthday girl!


  1. YOu are an amazing mother! And Aunt Hollie ROCKS! What a wonderful memory for that precious little girl!

  2. LOVED that day! So fun and love my girl!