Friday, November 5, 2010

A Blessing in Disguise

OK....God is so amazing! He knits events together more fine tuned than any instrument. This was one of those times. I still had anxiety over a family member coming to get Lucy. I knew that DCFS was in the process of asking the grandparents, anunts and uncles....anyone related if they wanted to adopt the baby. So far everyone had turned DCFS down. (blood family or anyone who has a sibling has 1st priority before us).

On the flip side, the social worker is supposed to take a picture of the baby in the hospital to have on record. In the rush of it being 5pm they forgot to do it and asked us to send them a picture. Matt sent it to them.

What we didn't know was there was a single woman who was a lawyer in the LA area who had adopted Lucy's half brother. Turns out it wasn't one of Lucy's aunts that had adopted the last sibling at all! He was 14 months old. She had priority over us to adopt Lucy. Here she was, single with a 14 month old. She was stressing out because (like we have thought) if she didn't take the baby, what kind of family would get her but yet she didn't think that she could have handled 2 at the time.

They forwarded her the picture that Matt had sent and Matt's name was on it. (Which normally would have made us mad because that all is supposed to be confidential). She also saw that her old social worker's name was on the email so she called them and said, "What can you tell me about the Elliott family?" when they had said that we had a baby taken from us (that had happened to her too) so she said that she would not take the baby because she really wanted us to adopt her. She gave them her phone number for us to be able to call her. When I did she was so sweet. She told me all the information she knew on Lucy's birthfamily and she said, "I don't want to give you false hope but I had the easiest adoption and I think yours will be too."

To say that I was excited after talking to her was an understatment. She said that all she wanted was for her son to know Lucy. We have had dinner with her since. She always comes with a present for Lucy and is so sweet.

So to recap. God had DCFS forget to take a picture of the baby so that we had to send it so that it would be forwarded to Lucy's half siblings mom with our name on it and she recognized that we had used the same agency as her, we both had a bond of losing little girls and she wanted to do anything she could to help us adopt Lucy. I couldn't even dream it better than this.

Although it wasn't as smooth as "L" had said it would be, I had hope. I thanked God, He didn't need to give me such reasurance but He gave me enough that I had peace to give some love to this little peanut , faithfully praying that God would allow me to be her mom.

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