Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Love Story Part 1

I have a couple of things to blog about but I haven't taken the time to take pictures. So... I've blogged about both of the girls' adoption stories and family life, but one thing that I have always wanted to blog about is Matt and I.

I have thought about him so much lately (Hope so since he is my husband! haha) I have thought of ways to encourage him. In a couple of weeks it will be one year since he has lost his job. I have seen him humble, working hard, trying everything he can to get a job, never giving up but still having that desire to provide for his girls. I am beyond proud of him and so honored to be his wife. Any company would be blessed to have him. I have seen him work hard to get his wrist in shape after breaking it and he has tried to be a strong leader, living in a house right now that is not our own. I love him. I am so proud of him! Next month we will have been together 17 years and this summer we will have been married 15 years!

So let's go back to the beginning. At times it is awkward, not easy, uncomfortable, romantic, exciting, and fun.

I came to The Master's College as a transfer student. I could write a whole blog how much I love The Master's College. I came in the fall of 1994. I was a 21 year old music major. (Yes, it took me a long time to graduate college.) I picked music because I was a singer. I wasn't that smart with music theory and I was in the beginner class. Matt Elliott( a new transfer student himself) was in the theory class above me and they would always we walking out as we were walking in. ( He was a really good trumpet player) So....Matt and I never met, we just always knew who each other was.

I was really struggling with some of my music classes. Easiest the least smart (nice way of saying it)person in my class and I needed help. I got out my chorale phone list and started calling people in the theory class ahead of me to help me with my homework. Random people that I didn't totally know but I was desperate. The name I never really called was Matt Elliott. He was kind of nerdy ( there I said it) and shy. One day I had no other choice. I don't know why but I just didn't want to ask him. He was gracious. I walked up to his dorm and he was standing outside with his roommate and someone's mom and dad. I DID NOT want to meet parents! haha It is so silly but I had a feeling that Matt would start liking me and I didn't want to encourage him, I just needed theory help. I politely said hello and then told him that I would go sit and wait for him. As I was sitting there, he walks in with the parents! Oh no! It turns out it was his roommate Greg's parents. So I met Greg, Rick and Jeanne Wells that night. Matt was such a nice guy and was so kind to help me. That was it. I said thank you. He didn't even know my last name. That was my first memory of Matt Elliott. Matt, being kind, gracious, helpful, the guy he still is to this day.


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  1. Love it! Can't wait for the next installment :).