Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girls trip San Diego

I had such a refreshing weekend with some girlfriends this weekend in San Diego. It was just what the doctor ordered for all of us. There was me, Ashely,Kelli I., Cindy, and Sara. We had such a great time talking,talking, talking, seeing movies, laughing, eating, sleeping, game playing, and more talking. I LOVE these girls. It is funny because we all went to college together at the same time but (besides Kelli I. and Ashley) none of us were really friends. I love how God has knit us together to be so close.

I looked around the room at one point and thought about what God has brought us through. Cindy and Ashley have both lost children. Kelli I. and Sara were both adopted, I have adopted... we have all been through all of these trials with each other. HAHA...Sara and Kelli I. being adopted was not a trial like I just made it out to be. I just mentioned that because I thought here are two women that I can show my daughters that were adopted just like them! :)

Kelli I. (from Tennessee) and Sara (from Sacramento/Roseville) flew into San Diego and Cindy, Ashley and I went to pick them up. Here are some highlights....
We ate lunch at a great restaraunt on the beach.
Ben Garate gets the special husband award for having snacks waiting for us in our hotel room when we got to our room! Props to Benny!
This is the view out of our hotel rooms. We had two rooms that were ajoining. Kelli and I stayed in one room while Ash, Cindy and Sara stayed in the other room. (because Kelli and I worked out in the moring.)
The view is at the front of the hotel.

Eating lunch at my favorite restaraunt...The Cheesecake Factory
The girls talked me into playing games. Ugh! Phase 10
It took about 65 games and 4 hours to finish! 2AM! Towards the end I was just asking what cards Cindy needed so she could win the thing and I could go to bed. Sshhh...Serect....I didn't hate it as much as they thought I did. I loved the company, just 4 hours is a little much don't ya think? Ben's candy basket kept me going. :)
Found this sign and made me miss my girl even more!
Ended the trip with some Captain Crunch french toast that I split with Ashley. Hello! So good!
We missed our families, the time went by fast but I love these girls and am so thankful that they are in my life. They are such a blessing to me.


  1. Oh Kelli!!!

    I LOVED reading your post! I actually laughed out loud as I was remembering the details of our trip! ;) And I didn't even realize that you were taking these pics- awesome! What a fun time... and you were the BEST SPORT during that entire "game h-e-you know the rest" night. ;)

    So the que is... do we bring hubbies the next time or no? ;) Love you!

  2. Love the Post, Pictures & the People involved! :) Miss Y'all...we'll definitely do it again.

  3. Kel, I love the new cups. Cute picture
    Mom xoxo

  4. So glad you could go Kel. I'm sure MAtt and the girls couldnt wait for you to get home. Love you.

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  7. Stripes,
    I love any bit of time I get to spend with you and to add the other girls was just icing on the cake. Thanks for always making me laugh and always wanting to share food so we can try even more good things. It was a treat to get away and I'm blessed by you.

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