Friday, August 8, 2014

Reminders of how much my husband loves me

This summer was such an answered prayer.  Matt was told that his leukemia is in remission.  He has gained a lot of his strength back, energy, has gotten to come to church and soccer games with our family.  We have had get togethers with other families, a couple of date nights, company from out of town, pool days and days where we had absolutely nothing to do….. exactly the kind of days we were looking forward to.  He has two more years of treatment but (hopefully) the worst is behind us.

Since I started teaching a few biblestudy lessons at church for our women's biblestudy, I have not taken the time to read a lot of other books, especially fiction.  There is one series, however, that I wanted to read and I waited until summer to do it.  It was a 5 book series and I knew that I would be hooked so I waited until my library had all 5 books.  This week was the week and I told myself (and Matt) that I was going to go hard on all five books and give myself a week of self indulgence and get it all done in one week.  The stories were about a Christian family with 5 kids and all 5 books took a different kid and focused all that kids' life.  I got really hooked!  Soon after, I HAD to talk about these people's lives with someone and well….Matt is always around.

Our conversation went something like this……
Me: " Matt,  I know you will think I'm dumb and you don't want to do this but I need to talk about this family with someone."
Matt: "No, it's not going to be me."
Me: (laughing and urging) "  Matt, Some of the decisions they are making are so wrong and if I could just tell you about it."
Matt:  " Ya,  I don't want to do this."  ( I could see him wishing for a job or a place to go…)

(Later in the car on the way to the fair)
Me:  "  I can't get this out of my mind."
Matt: (holding his breath and then slowly letting it out….I'm starting to laugh because I feel like I'm writing a book now.  hahaha)  "OK, what is going on?"

(We spend the rest of the ride to the fair while I pour my heart and opinions out to him about this family where he just nods his head in response.  We get to the fair and I thank him.)

(Next day he walks in the room and I'm crying)
Me: "The mom died."
Matt: "I'm sorry babe.  That's sad…… are the books done?"
Me: "Yes, but I found out it leads into a different series."

And that my friends is how much Matt loves me!

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