Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look who's turning 5!

Christmas Eve Ivy turns 5! I can't believe it! She loves to go to the American Girl store at the Grove in Los Angeles. She never gets anything there. Haha. I always tell her that it is more of a special occasion store and since it isn't your birthday.... Well, today was the day. I took her down to the Grove and she picked out a little dog named Honey to give her American Girl doll, Emily, for Chritmas. She was so excited. One thing I will say about Ivy is that I tell her no alot when she wants something and she (almost) always says,"Yes Mom". So I was really excited today when I told her that Daddy said she could pick something out. It was really special to see her eyes get big as she walked around the store to pick something out. I will have to add a picture later of her and the dog since she put him in her room and Lulu is sleeping. I heart Ivy Elliott!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ivy! Wish we were with you to celebrate, Mayah and Madison would LOVE to go with you to the american girl store!! Have a very happy Birthday!! Love Uncle Kyle, Aunt Becca & the iowa cousins :)